“I have been feeling low for a really long while. I stopped doing the things I used to like and it’s a dread for me to talk to people and create relationships. Sometimes I have thoughts of wanting to kill myself.” – John, 25 years old, Singapore. (Not his real name)

26 July 2019

A question that you may wonder at times, especially when you feel really low and have almost very little motivation to do anything.

Sadness is an emotion that we normally experience during difficult times in life and it passes after after awhile.

Depression, on the other hand, tends to linger on longer and it interferes with the daily life and functioning.

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Some Signs
It is difficult to enjoy what you usually do, that can include socializing, stepping out of the house, getting yourself to complete any tasks on hand, etc. There is a persistent feeling of  sadness, emptiness, hopelessness. Some may also find themselves constantly having self-blaming thoughts or guilt about things that are happening around them. Sleep and appetite are two key signs to look out for- whether you are sleeping much more or lesser than usual, or eating much more or lesser than usual.

Suicidal or Self-harming thoughts / attempts
Some people tend to have such thoughts or attempts when they go through very difficult or overwhelming moments. It is important that they receive the necessary help to cope with such.

Depression is treatable. It involves uncovering the multiple layers that depression came from. The earlier treatment begins, the more effective it is. Treatment can involve seeing a psychiatrist (doctor specializing in mental health) ; seeing a counsellor for psychotherapy / counselling.

It is dangerous to self-treat with medications. It is also inaccurate to self-diagnose with any questionnaires or tools found online. Depression is an illness that is not by choice and it can come with several underlying causes. Therefore, it is important that one speaks with a professionally trained personnel about treatment plans.

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Remember, you don’t have to walk this journey alone of battling depression. Seek help and be helped.

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