One Empty Chair (OEC) is set up with the mission to provide quality and accessible socio-emotional support to individuals and corporations through psychotherapy, counselling and training services in Singapore.

We aim to help individuals seek clarity, harness their inner strengths to make choices and develop resilience through ethical practices.

You don’t have to journey alone.

We are here for you.


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Things we’d like you to know:

1. You must be interested in getting better

An effective therapy requires participation from the client. That includes doing the hard work sometimes.

2. Not there to judge or condemn you

We are there to effect change and improve lives, not to judge your behaviour or thoughts.

3. There isn’t one best therapy

After a few sessions and find that therapy isn’t working for you? It’s not that therapy is useless or that you are damaged beyond redemption. Everyone has their own style of personality which requires a particular dynamic to have impact in therapy. You can let you therapist know what isn’t working out, an experienced therapist would know to adjust to your needs or refer you out to another professional.

4. Most people are stuck somewhere emotionally

Many people get through their lives with what they know about themselves from the early years of experiences. Some people form distorted ways and look for belonging in wrong places.

This can be changed.