Hi! My name is Zanthe Ng, Principal Counsellor

One Empty Chair or OEC for short, is set up with the mission to provide quality and accessible socio-emotional support to individuals and corporations through psychotherapy, counselling and training services in Singapore.

People who come for counselling seek deeper understanding of their situations. They have desires to resolve their inner conflicts. Many of them want to know how to manage emotional challenges in their lives such as anxiety, sadness, anger, unmotivated self, and suicidal thoughts. I work with individuals from various age groups and different walks of life.

My journey as Counsellor started about 8 years ago. Maybe it’s a calling. I find myself wanting to be in the helping profession as I believe that none of us in this world should go through any difficult times on our own.

I am a member with Singapore Association of Counselling (SAC), and Association of Psychotherapists and Counsellors Singapore (APACS). I am certified as a Stress Management Consultant and have received training from William Glasser International for Choice Theory & Reality Therapy. I am also certified as a Clinical Trauma Specialist by Trauma Institute International in 2021. Continuing professional development is important as it ensures that we continue to be competent in our journey with people we walk with, hence upgrading myself is something I consistently engage myself in.  

Seek help and be helped, you don’t have to walk this journey on your own.

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