Walk-&-Talk Therapy

Nature and exercising can have amazing benefits to the mind and body.

Some people may prefer movement and walking during a session to sitting down in a room with a counsellor.

During a walk-&-talk, you’ll be taking a walk with your counsellor at a nature park or a scenic front in Singapore. We have several of such around the island so a preferred location can always be indicated or recommended. Each session is about 60 mins long, you may / may not be walking for the entire 60 mins depending on you, as there can always be pit-stops if you prefer. You also have the option to talk a short walk and settle on a bench with your counsellor.

Walk-&-Talk Therapy offers an opportunity to experience body relaxation, deep breathing, clear the mind of intrusive thoughts. You’ll be taught on emotional regulation techniques and enjoy the benefits of mindfulness practice.

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Let the greens be with you.

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