The one we fell in love will not be the person that broke us if life runs like a storybook. Sadly, we human beings appear to be a little more human. We are falling in love, we are committed, we are wounded, we are staying. People need people, but it is heavy sometimes. Sometimes you never get to experience those fairy tales. Rather more often you will face situations that nobody would want to face. Your partner cheated on you? Your partner does not value commitments like they used to do? Well, it is hard to experience such setbacks. Seeing the person, you loved the most betraying you and all your feelings is not easy.

But how should you respond when you are a victim of such cruel circumstances? We are here to help you out! Read below:

  1. Get yourself together:

First thing is to prioritize yourself above anything else. Do not fall apart. Do not think that you are not worthy enough. They are at loss not you! Do not think this is the end. You have a life, and you will have more people coming your way and among those you will find someone that loves you as much as you love them. Calm your mind!

  1. Do not go hard on yourself:

Do not blame yourself for whatever happened. Do not try hard to get things back on track. Just keep it simple or you will get exhausted, and this will make things worse than better. Start with one thing at a time. Do not rush to your partner for explanations. Because what you will get in return will make you feel bitter and agitated and anxious. The need currently is to keep the panic at bay.

  1. Find things to distract yourself:

When you find it difficult to cope with the betrayal feelings and when the feeling of being cheated on is getting heavier, try to distract yourself. Talk to that close friend that you have not talked to for a while. Visit your parents. Take the kids out for a picnic. Find happiness in smallest of the things. Get that rusty guitar and create a music piece that you long forgot. Get the inner creativity working!

  1. Keep the victim card at bay!

It is a fact that you got cheated. But never ever think of playing victim card. Although it will bring wanted attention and may make you feel better for a while, but it is of no good for the long run. In fact, you are greater than that you are worthy and the person who cheated on you is at loss.

  1. Do not try to work things out like they were:

The thing is you may want to give them a chance, but you must keep this in mind that they are the same person who broke you in the first place. Once you are in a healing phase the urge to get back to your partner may dominate. It may trick you to think that they are the one who can heal you. But you got to remember one thing, YOU HEAL YOURSELF. The only person who can love you sincerely is YOU.

  1. Talk to a counsellor:

One thing that you must not ignore is that it is okay to take help. Seek help from a counsellor or a therapist. Sometimes we just keep all the ache inside and pretend everything is fine. Let me tell you one thing, accepting the fact that you are not feeling good, or you are not able to cope that feeling is the bravest thing that one can do. It is a sign of strength.

Talk to your counsellor, do not hesitate. They are qualified and they have seen such situations before. They know how to help you out.  I bet you will not regret doing this coping method. It has proven results and can help you get back to normal life easily. Let your therapist help you. Remember the feeling of seeking help is the quality of the strong.

  1. Take care of yourself:

While you go through all the ups and downs, do not forget to take care of yourself. Maintain a good health both physically and mentally. You can start a workout plan. It will keep you busy as well help you build a strong healthy body and mind. Play outdoor sports. Listen to uplifting music. And last but not the least Put yourself first each and every time and you got this!